NB Accounting is one of the leading accounting firms in the north of Thailand, offering professional accounting and tax consulting services.

The company was founded on January 28,1997 by an ex- employee from SGV-Na Thalang & Co.,Ltd ( A member firm of Arthur Anderson ) which used to be one of the leading accounting and professional services firms in Thailand.

Based on our 11 years experience working as consultant with one of the leading consulting firms in Thailand offering professional services to small and medium enterprises ( SME ) ,we learned that many SME wanted to use professional services but they could not affort the expensive professional fees. We also discovered that people were not ready to learn or to meet the high standard of professional services. This is why NB Accounting was founded.

This is what NB wants to be:

  • NB….wants SME businesses to be able to use professional accounting and tax services regardless of the cost.
  • NB….wants to be a company that students from accounting faculty want to join as trainees and later employees in order to practice their accounting and become professional in their career.
  • NB…wants to be an institute that we can produce a lot of professional accountants to serve the needs of SME businesses as well as large organizations in the north of Thailand.



Mrs. Piyalug Leesin : Certified Public Accountant

Working Experience

  • 11 years experience in audit and business advisory services at SGV – Na Thalang & Co., Ltd. ( a member of Arthur Anderson ).
  • 5 years experience as Financial Controller for multinational companies.
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