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Auditing Service

Scope of Work

We have a Certified Public Accountant ( CPA ) who has 11 years experience working with SGV-Na Thalang & Co.,Ltd to handle this service and work closely with you.

Our auditing service is divided into 3 types :

  • Regular Audit for submitting report to the government agencies.
  • Special Audit for management purposes e.g. internal use, investment & acquisition ,or for submitting to the bank for credit approval, etc.
  • Internal Audit or Internal Control Review in order to come up with recommendations for improvement.


At the end of each engagement, we will give you one of the following reports:

  • The auditorís report, financial statements, and Phor Ngor Dor 50.
  • The special audit report which explains the audit procedures, the result of the audit and the recommendations.
  • Evaluation report including our findings and recommendations to improve the existing internal controls.
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