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1. Assembly for Inventory Items (Track inventory by components and finished goods)
Assemble a new inventory item using any combination of inventory or service items. Manage your inventory with more accuracy and less manual tracking. Now you can create an inventory item in QuickBooks for each finished good by specifying which component of your current inventory you need to produce it. QuickBooks will automatically adjust your inventory items and finished goods and track them separately, so you always know what you actually have on hand. QuickBooks tracks these assembled items for more accurate reporting

2. Multiple currencies
QuickBooks Pro is Multicurrency. A feature that allows you to deal in currencies other than the Baht. Multicurrency makes it easy for you to track foreign transactions and account for them properly, regardless of the currency used to complete them. With multicurrency turned on, you can choose a foreign currency for bank, credit card, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable-type accounts. You can also assign a foreign currency to your customers and vendors. Once a currency is assigned to a customer or vendor, all future transactions involving the customer or vendor will be in that currency.

3. Prepare Multiple Estimates for a Single Job
It is easier than ever to bid on contracts or give your clients estimates. You can now create multiple estimates for a single job, and also duplicate estimates for other customers.

4. Set multiple price levels for your items
You can set up to 20 different price levels for your items and name each price level. Price levels are based on a percentage increase or decrease on the sales price of the item. You also can assign a default price level to an individual customer.

5. Sales Orders
Tracking and managing orders is now simpler and more accurate. Use the new sales order form to create a sales order - then use it to generate an invoice. Or create a sales order based on an invoice when one or more items are not in stock.

6. Buy, Sell and stock items in different units of measure
This feature will allow QuickBooks users to buy and sell in different units of measure. For example, users can now buy in packs, stock in cases and sell in individual units. The user can set the quantity associations between the three units: 5 cases per pack; 6 each per case.

7. Easier Budgeting & Advanced Budgeting
QuickBooks automatically creates a complete budget from your historical company data that you can easily update and compare against your actual expenses. Enter and edit your figures in an easier-to-use spreadsheet format.QuickBooks instantly creates a monthly budget based on your actual QuickBooks data. Break down budgets by department or location. Compare your company’s financials with what you budgeted to earn or spend against actual to date. View and edit the figures in a new spreadsheet format so you can quickly see what’s been budgeted in other areas without running a report. Then you have the option to manually adjust or change income/expenses by a percentage rate of growth.

8. More Form Customisation & Printing Options
Add multiple logos and other images (using the most common file formats like bmp, jpg and gif e.g. pictures of products) anywhere on the form and in any size you want. Add multiple text comments like disclaimers or agreements anywhere on the form.Print forms on more page sizes (including legal, ? standard page, landscape and more) and pre-select a default printer for each type of form. QuickBooks "remembers" the paper size, page orientation, and the number of copies. And you can manually override those settings for any printing session. You can also print a payment remittance slip either on a separate page or at the bottom of the invoice.


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